PVC Coating

PVC / Plastisol / Vinyl Coating

Greenfield Products has a long history of innovation in flexible coatings and was first to develop several processes which are common today, including spray-coating of tubular steel rollers, flexible gas-lines, and numerous marine products.

With nearly 50 years of experience with liquid plastisol applications, we work closely with formulators to meet the specific needs of its customers. Custom color, durometer, texture, and UV resistance are mixed to order by our suppliers. Liquid Plastisol is applied to parts as a durable protective coating, or cured and removed from molds to create custom flexible PVC components.

Dip-Coating and Dip-Molding applications are performed on manual overhead Dip-Stations, or on conveyorized dual-oven Drag-Line, designed to accommodate parts of all sizes, including Iron Castings.

Polyethylene, PVC and other Thermoplastic Powder Coatings are applied in both Spray and Fluidized-Bed operations, utilizing convection and infrared heat capabilities.

PVC Coated Metal Anchors

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